DW 9000 Double Pedal With Case

DW 9000 Double Pedal With Case

Drum Workshop, or DW, is a globally recognized company that manufactures drums and drum equipment of high quality.

They have been in the business since 1972, and famous artists such as David Grohl, Neil Peart, Jose Pasillas, and Terry Bozzio have used and endorsed DW products in their studios or on tour.  The company regularly manufactures drums, snares, and drums hardware like pedals, cymbal stands, and rack systems, which can be customized depending on the needs and demands of the client.

One of their most famous, and most revolutionary products is the 9000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal. The 9000 Series is known for being heavy-duty and very dependable equipment, and it is also the high-end tier of DW products. The 9000 Series Double Bass drum pedal has several features that are worth noting. The first thing that would be noticed immediately would be simplicity, or even the understated look of the drum pedal. It is however made from high-grade materials and created using techniques that further add strength and durability to the pedal.

A feature that is worth mentioning would be the drum hinges fitted with ball bearings. This feature lessens the friction incurred while using the pedal, and as a result, it provides a smoother feel for the drummer as compared to other drum pedals.

DW 9000 Double Pedal

Another feature that makes the drum pedal stand out from the rest is the Floating Rotor system, wherein the rotor is attached to a floating shaft, creating a smoother action. Some drummers and critics would be very pleased with the remarkable decrease in resistance up to a point that you might think that it is not present. However, this feature results in a smoother play and combines precision, speed, and power into every step on the pedal.

These pedals also have an adjustable cam, wherein the drummer may easily switch from speed setting to a power setting. This gives the drummer more options to choose from, and he can easily shift depending on his or her needs.

And then there is the issue of the price. The DW 9000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal costs just under $1000, as compared to other brands that cost hundreds of dollars less. It may be more economically wise to purchase a bass pedal set from another company, but this is not the case. Apart from the fact that the DW bass drum pedal is of excellent quality, the company has also added in a travel case, a drum key, and a drum clip, in addition to the pedal set. Clients would also get a user’s guide with all the basic information regarding the product. DW also provides access to product manuals through their website, regarding maintenance and even guides to get the optimum functionality of the product.

There is nothing currently present in the market that can compare to the DW 9000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal. The robustness of the product, coupled with unique features that make the playing experience better and more enjoyable, and the customer support that the company offers make the drum pedal an accessory worth investing in.

DW 9000 double pedal

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