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Drumming System Drum Lessons

Drumming System (created by world-renowned drummer Mike Michalkow) is one of the most comprehensive drum lessons ever created. It contains DVDs, CDs and workbooks.

This package provides everything you need to develop your drumming skills. By following the video instructions, you can become a professional drummer, even if you have never seen a drum set before.

It comes in both physical and digital format; 20 training DVDs, 15 play-along CDs and 5 printed workbooks.

Drumming techniques include the following:

  • hand technique
  • drum beats, drum fills
  • speed and endurance
  • practice routines
  • drum rudiments
  • drum tuning and setup
  • bass drum technique, soloing, and jamming

There is absolutely no need for any previous musical knowledge, the DVDs will cover all the important parts to get you playing in no time.

Just like with every other instrument, the success lies within practice. Buying this drum lesson package won’t make you a Mike Portnoy. You will need to practice a lot and you’ll need to do it wisely. The second DVD places great emphasis on teaching you how to practice efficiently, because this is what makes a huge difference. You will be able to create your own balanced practice routine. The included workbooks will also provide additional tips and samples for practicing.

Drumming System Drum Lessons

Beginner drum lessons

The beginner drum lessons of Drumming System concentrate on:

  • How to play your first drum beat
  • How to play drum fills
  • How to improve your hand technique
  • How to control foot technique
  • How to develop creativity

Broken into simple steps, you will learn to read and write drum notations, basic drum beats and gradually moving on to more complicated patterns.

Hand technique and holding the drumsticks is probably the most neglected apects of playing the drums. Mike will teach you proper hand technique and how to get the most out of every single stroke you play.

Drumming System Drum Lessons

More on the Drum lessons

Drumming System has a wonderful on-screen technology since every pattern is shown from four separate camera angles with the sheet music on screen. Details are also included in the workbooks.

After learning each pattern, the instructor demonstrates them over play-along loops which can be found on the provided audio CDs. This means that you will also learn to play along with a real band. The package includes over 100 unique play-along songs with and without drum tracks.

There is also a different set of play-along songs with metronome clicks.

Drumming System covers a wide range of styles; you can learn how to play jazz, hard rock, grunge, blues etc. This drum lesson package includes everything you need to jump start your drumming carreer.

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