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Alesis DM10 Studio Drum Kit

The DM10 Studio Kit is one of the latest and smartest electronic drum sets from Alesis. It consists of six pieces, low-noise cymbals, drum pads that feel like you are drumming on an acoustic drum set and a full featured drum module packed with plenty of drum sounds.

Sometimes it’s not easy for drummers to practice. It’s too loud, it annoys the family and neighbors. There is a solution for this problem, and this is an electronic drum set.

Alesis has been manufacturing one of the best electronic drum kits for years now. The DM10 is their latest creation. The drum sounds of its drum modul have been created from samples of real acoustic drums and the best cymbals. It has multiple dynamic-level samples built in. This means if you hit the drum or the cymbal harder or softer, it will change its timbre and volume. This feature is called Dynamic Articulation.


The different stick-placement tones allows you to achieve different sounds on the different parts of the cymbal. The Hi-hat is able to produce over 40 diferent sounds depending on how opened or closed the pedal is, or where you hit it with your drum stick.

The USB input allows you to add new sound sets from your computer. You can also purchase additional sound libraries from the Alesis website.

The drum module includes 12 trigger inputs that allows you to create custom configurations.

The set includes a Hi-Hat, a crash, a ride and a DMPad Cymbal. The ride and crash cymbals have large choke triggers underneath and multi-zone triggering on the bell, face and edge.

The StageRack makes the drum kit extremely stable and can be extended with additional drums and cymbals. Every part of the drum set is fully adjustable. The bass drum pad is wide enough to accomodate any double pedal.

DM10 Studio Kit Features

  • Brand new high-definition drum module with hundreds of sound samples
  • RealHead 10″ snare and four 8″ toms with real heads
  • Cymbals include hi-hat, two crashes, and triple-zone ride

Click here to learn more about the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit

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